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Happy 4.20, kids.

I am so tired. I'm so tired I'm pouting. I can't believe I said I'd go into work today. These twelve hour days are blurring the line between my waking and dreaming lives. Occurances in both realms have me strung tautly between fantasy and reality. Ah, well.

Got a fun package in the mail from one of my boys in Portland, last night.


1 current issue of Just Out
1 current issue of Willamette Week
1 current issue of The Portland Mercury (The Drinking Issue!)
1 medium point blue papermate ballpoint pen
1 green thumbtack
1 mint toothpick
1 bear & cub porn calendar
1 packet of yellow mustard
1 packet of ketchup
1 small rubberband
1 personal business card
1 personal contact card
1 bear porn poster
1 resort business card
5 airmail stickers
2 8 1/2" x 11" bear porn photographs (one color, one black & white)
5 US stamps (2- 37 cent, 1- 80 cent, 2- $1)
1 moist towelette
1 pre-printed mail return address sticker sheet
1 plastic fork
1 pack of purple post-it notes
1 tube of peach flavored lube gel (water-based!)
1 napkin
1 peppermint
5 bear porn DVDs (I'll spare you the titles)
1 snack-sized package of fig newtons
1 t-shirt from bear porn making company
1 package of spearmint extra sugar-free gum sans all gum, except 1 stick
1 note signed, "Kisses & Misses"

Such comedy! See? Now I'm smiling instead of pouting!

--But running late for work.

Hm, this song reminds me of Casper...

...Portland, soon, soon.
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