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my, my, my...

last week i withdrew my services from random company a. i feel pretty good about it most of the time. it's usually a bad season for me to be doing things like that, but i'm actually trying to break away from some of these superstitions that i've set up for myself. so.

the holy man and i sat together and spoke over a few red stripes the other night and it was good on my soul. we haven't known each other terribly long, but he has this way of reminding me that all of my favorite pisceans do. the fog isn't quite lifting, but it's dissipating and that's something, no?

meanwhile, circles are shifting. there are new faces at my table and new energies making me tingle with warmth.

winter is apparently the new spring. who knew? it's confusing to my system. my little heart goes pitter-pat and maybe i'll make it through the season without shutting down. tricky, tricky this silly weather; frosty nights but sunny mornings and i can smell the ice melting in the trees.


she came down from new york on a whim and said "your excuse just won't do anymore" and it's true. i said "we'll see" and she made that face that they all do.

like i said, i wouldn't know what to do with me either.
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