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oh, yeah.

i forgot all about posting the image i might use for broken hearted sissies!


it was originally a drawing i did entitled "covet", which you can see...

it somehow aquired a couple of glitches en route from paper to jpeg, so i'll have to re-scan it when i get the chance. i went ahead and did a quick edit on photobucket so that you'd get the basic gist, sans-visual glitches.

i realize it's not very "broken hearted", but maybe a few cracks on the heart would fix that. maybe i'll leave it as is. i don't really know, so i guess we'll have to see.

also, i've been craving two buck chuck like nobody's business.

i wonder if i can find it in crucestown?


although, i would do unspeakable things for a bottle or two of liberty school's syrah, especially the 2000 variety.


okay, okay. wine hunting tomorrow then.
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