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smoke & mirrors

illusion dellusion

6 March
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Potential this, motherfucker.
27, 9, accents, afternoon tea, alfred hitchcock, androgyny, atlanta, aural fixations, banter, barbecuing, beatniks, bing cherries, blues, bohemians, brit comedy, buzzcuts, camping, capoeira, cemetaries, chai with soy, cloud-vaporizing, coconuts, cooking, cursing like a sailor, dive bars, djarum blacks, doodling, dorothy parker, drag kings, edward gorey, escaping, ethical debates, film studies, fire, fire poi, fudgecicles, full moons, funk, good scotch, guayaki, gypsies, hands, hiking, hippies, honey, independent film making, izmir stingers, jeanette winterson, john irving, knives, knowing glances, koi, las cruces, laughter, leather, lightning, lips, long showers, losing track of time, maker's mark, mangoes, martinis, media, michelle tea, microbreweries, moonlight, motorcycles not crotch rockets, nag champa, neil gaiman, new orleans, nyc, obscure artists, ontology, opium dens, oral fixations, peaches, pears, percussion, photography, pisceans, pomegranates, poppy z. brite, portland, prowling, quiz shows, rain, ramune, reading, reading tea leaves, richard bach, riding crops, rituals, sardonic expressions, satire, savannah, secret handshakes, silence, silk scarves, sinema, softness, spanish moss, spicy foods, spoken word, stephen soderbergh, suede, sunrises, sunsets, suspenders, sweeney todd, synesthetes, the aesthetics of smoking, theatre, three piece suits, thunder, tiger lillies, trivial things, understanding, urban families, vices, voodoo, wanderlust, wine, winking at strangers, wry humor, xeroxed faces, yukon jack, zephyrs