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I'm not very good at lists.

9. I was going to get my hair relaxed & dyed today, but maybe I'll get it cut really short instead. It's been a while since it's been really short. That might be fun. Though, maybe that'd be a bigger pain in the ass than I'd think. I wonder what she'd think about that. I wonder what he'd think about that. Maybe I'll ask them. Maybe I'll just wait and see what words fall out of my mouth when she asks me how I want it. I'm full of maybes. It's a wonderfully horrid thing. I'm still coming out of my winter slumber. I'm allowed. I'm slow to wake. Anyway. He arrives from New York on Friday. We'll mix business and pleasure, then he'll be gone. It'll be my turn in May, though it should be June. The left coast now requests June. But then, so does a much cheaper Chi-town. So. She gets married in November and she says I have to be there- Colorado. Maybe Texas on a weekend layover. I don't get frequent flyer miles. I should, I just don't. Psychosis. Psychoses. This is such a fun song.
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