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I think that if I could get someone to delicately slice into my back along the outer edge of my left shoulder blade, stick their fingers under the flesh of my teres major and subscapularis, and pull the bone there out and away from my spine I'd feel a lot better.

Stress used to build in my neck to the point where I couldn't turn my head left more than an inch or two if I was under a lot of pressure. Now it's in my left shoulder.

Maybe in a few years it'll be in my left shoe and I can just kick it off at the end of a long day.

Bossman is, likewise, traveling south and is at this moment in the Bahamas. Running the office isn't likely causing me enough extra stress to affect me bodily, though. It's just that there's so much happening right now. Occupying the position in his absence is a double-edged sword that I wish was plunged into my shoulder blade and leaned upon like a lever- I bet that'd feel good.

Man, my shoulder hurts.

The reiki therapist is never at the gym when I am. But the sauna is. As is the hot tub. So, yay. What else? I'd been taking such poor care of myself, but am correcting that. I'm still a bit dark around the eyes, though. Bah. But, I've been sleeping better. Such dreams, though! My, my. Also, I've been laughing a lot. It feels good. I feel good.

Kaiju wrote my name on pumpkin seeds. Too cute.

I should be reading through resumes right now, because I'm hiring new blood for the sharks on Thursday.

I'm going to go make spanakopita instead.

My phone won't stop ringing.
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